Kamado Joe Salmon

The Kamado Joe gave this salmon the perfect touch of smoke. It’s actually amazing the flavor that hard wood charcoal imparts on everything it cooks. It’s a delicate smoky background that doesn’t overwhelm the foods we’re cooking.

Since we go through all of the effort to heat up […]

Irish Cream Liqueur

Today, I have a cold and a sore throat. I have big plans to spend most of the day curled up with a book under the covers. But, this weekend I’ll be ready to get out and enjoy the day.

Rain or shine.

Though, I’m hoping […]

Fried Egg And Vegetable Biryani

My favorite lunch of the week…

One White Oak Pastures egg makes this simple dish something special. Rich, savory, spicy rice blended with plenty of vegetables, that’s a rice dish I want to eat. Emphasis on rich, this could be slimmed down a bit by substituting low fat […]

Gingerbread Granola

Who has time to mess around in the kitchen first thing in the morning? I don’t. That’s for sure. So, the best weekday breakfast is a quick and easy breakfast. This fits the bill. And, it’s so satisfying and delicious it feels like a treat. The only way to make […]

Stuffing Spice Blend 2015

Best Swag Ever!

We’re putting it to good use and loving it.

The parties are over. But, we left as winners this year.

It’s time to say goodbye to all those holiday […]