About me

Home:  NE Atlanta

Cookbooks:  Too many to count (definitely over 300)

Cameras:  iPhone 3GS (3 megapixel), 2 rolleiflex medium format cameras, Canon EOS 50D, 3 polaroids, 2 Nikon Coolpix cameras & one no-name TLR medium format camera (circa 1970)

The South plays a large role in my family & culinary history.  I was born in South Florida and my immediate family is exclusively Italian (Southern Italy) on one side and exclusively German (Southern Germany) on the other.  A few remaining distant relations are from the South of France.  So, as you can imagine, Southern food in one form or another will play a large role here.

My focus will be broad.  Covering everything from food, photography, & cocktails to classic technique and some food history thrown in for good measure.