Chrysanthemum Tea

Two species of chrysanthemum are used for chrysanthemum tea.  They range in color from white to yellow.  The flavor of each is unique.  Sweet florals dominate the taste with a touch of delicate lemon in the background.  Very little sugar is needed to make the perfect cup of chrysanthemum tea.  So, it’s a favorite of mine.

Chrysanthemum tea is said to be a cooling tea that aids in cooling the body and regulating body temperature.  It’s a great tea if you have a bit of the flu or a sore throat.  But, I’m not waiting to get sick to drink this lovely tea.  It’s perfect with dim sum, breakfast and dessert.  As a matter of fact, it’s great any time of day.  Give it a try!

Goji berries can be added for flavor and additional health benefits.  But, they tend to add a sour taste that I’m not crazy about.  So, you won’t find goji berries in my teapot.

Chrysanthemum Tea
1 pot

1/2 cup chrysanthemum blossoms
1 tsp goji berries, optional
sugar, to taste

Fill one glass teapot with water.  Bring to a boil.  At the boil, reduce heat to barely a simmer and add your blossoms (and goji berries, if desired).   Keep tea at a bare simmer for 3 minutes.  Add 1-2 Tablespoons of sugar to teapot.  Give a gentle stir, then, strain your tea into your serving teapot.

Traditionally, it wouldn’t be uncommon to fill the teapot a second time with water.  Bring the water and chrysanthemum blossoms to a simmer.  Then, simmer for three or four minutes.  The second pot of tea yields a lighter, more diluted tea.  Try it, if you like.

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