Kamado Joe Salmon

The Kamado Joe gave this salmon the perfect touch of smoke.  It’s actually amazing the flavor that hard wood charcoal imparts on everything it cooks.  It’s a delicate smoky background that doesn’t overwhelm the foods we’re cooking.

Since we go through all of the effort to heat up our grill (and it’s a big one… They don’t call it a Big Joe for nothing), we always grill bread to start our meal.  It’s the perfect excuse to eat a buttered wedge of smoky bread.  And, then, we throw a few vegetables on at the end to cook while we eat.  This way we feel like all of that premium hard wood charcoal isn’t going to waste.

Next time, we’ll throw some chicken on the grill for lunches to enjoy throughout the week.

Now, granted, we’ve only used our Big Joe for quick, high heat cooking.  We haven’t smoked anything, yet.  So, we don’t know how that flavor translates to slow cooking.  We’ll be trying that soon enough. (We’ll need a weekend day with hours to kill.)

At then end of the cooking, we close the grill.  Carry over cooking cleans the grill and saves the left over charcoal for our next grilling experiment.

We cut one huge filleted half of salmon to cut it into serving sizes.  We wanted to practice our ability to grill presentable pieces.  And, surprisingly, we did quite well.

The salmon only stuck in a couple little spots.

Big Joe Salmon
serves many

1 half salmon, filleted
juice of one lemon
fennel, freshly ground
black pepper, freshly ground
parsley, chopped
fine sea salt

Preheat Big Joe to 450 degrees F.  Cook on first side for 4-6 minutes with the Big Joe closed.  Flip each piece carefully.  Then, close grill and continue cooking for another 4-5 minutes.

This was just about the perfect amount of time for fairly large pieces of salmon.

Serve with lemon wedges and grilled bread.

Tender, moist, and flake-y with the perfect touch of smoke.

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