Our House & Peach Blossoms

Peach Blossoms In Our Back Yard

We’ve enjoyed our house for over 12 years now.

Never Give Up!

This beautifully wild tree sure didn’t.

It’s still fighting!

It’s amazing that this lovely fig tree came within an inch of its life one wet summer.  Almost overnight, the roots had rotted.  And, the tree had fallen flat.  There were only two or three little roots holding the (then) thin stalk into the ground.  We carefully propped up the sickly tree, watched, and waited.  A few short weeks later, it was going strong again.  By the next year, it nearly tripled in size.  And, every year thereafter, it would easily double in size.

…for many years.

Now, it’s close to full size.  But, it still grows a little bit every year.  Though, now over 12 years old, we believe it’s entering the end of its life span (or at least, it’s fig producing life span).  This year our old beauty is getting off to a slow  start.  So,we did a little research.  And, it appears that fig trees remain active fig producers for 12-15 years.  The tree can live for many more years.  Though, the figs might be done for… That explains why our figs have been small, less sweet and less flavorful for the last couple years.

Given this poor old tree’s rough start in life, it’s probably close to a miracle that it’s still as beautiful as it is.

Sandwich of The Week

Brie & Sour Cherry On Whole Grain
makes 1

2 slices dark 9 grain bread (or Oat Nut whole grain)
French brie (soft, ripe)
sour cherry compote

Toast bread to a dark golden brown.  (If desired, butter bread.  This sandwich is rich enough without the butter.  But, the butter makes it seriously rich.) Schmear with brie.  Drizzle very lightly with sour cherry compote.  Evenly space cherries on top of brie.  Press remaining slice of toast down on top.  Slice in half.

Devour immediately.

Here’s another favorite quick and easy meal that came about one day when I was too lazy to make a grilled cheese.  Yes, that’s pretty lazy.  But, I’m so glad.  This was so much better.

Brie Toast
makes 1

1 slice cinnamon bread with raisins
French brie

Toast cinnamon bread lightly.  Schmear generously with soft brie.  Drizzle with honey, if desired.  Serve with Brandy Oolong tea and fresh strawberries.

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