My New Washer, My New Hate Affair

GE 4.2 CuFt Top Load Washer
(Hybrid Washer with Old Style 

Am I the only one who hates the “new” generation of washers?  By new, I mean the washers that have popped up over the last 10 years that have a super short and stubby agitator…

The type that you can barely fill half way?  What’s up with that?  To be blunt, they’re less than useless.  How does it save energy or water when I now have to do two or three loads of weekly washing instead of one?

Recently, I did a load of 4 small t-shirts set to medium…. they were barely covered.

Ridiculous PERIOD

Someone…. Please, explain this insanity to me.

Just over 12 years ago we bought the least expensive Maytag washer that had an extra large capacity.  We don’t remember the price.  But, we do know it was less than 300 dollars.  After a bit of discussion and a mini pity party, we have an idea.  If we had to guess, we’d guess somewhere in the neighborhood of $269.  Fast forward 12+ years and we’re buying a “hybrid” extra large capacity washer with an old style agitator.  (The only one we could find, by the way.)  It looks bigger.  And, it claims to have a “Super” sized load.  But, that’s a load of BS.  Even this hybrid washer can only be filled to the halfway point.  With deep fill turned on (And, you must turn it on manually.), it’s barely 3/4 full.  So, now, each and every week for the rest of my life, I have to do two loads of wash instead of one.  And, yes, I’m going to bitch about it.

This is utter BS.

My old washer was smaller (but, it held more clothes, did more wash, AND it washed everything much better), much stronger, and it fought the good fight…. 12 years and then some.  I loved …LOVED …yes, LOVED! that washer.  It kicked some serious ass.  I crammed that beauty to the top on a weekly basis for years.  And, it worked like a charm.

It will be missed. (moment of silence, please)

This new thing plays a feeble tune (figuratively and literally) by comparison.

Do you know why you can’t open these new machines while they’re in use?  That’s because the makers of these useless machines don’t want you to see what a crappy job they’re doing.  But, you can’t hide the end result.


I will say, out of the options currently available… even the options in the $800+ variety… it’s not horrible (some are actually quite horrible).  I can’t even imagine paying over $1000 dollars for a machine that does less than my old faithful.  This new thing is just a sorry substitute for a machine that was a real work animal.

This calls for a mid-week cocktail.

Cuba Libre
makes 2

3 ounces rum
Mexican Coca-Cola
crushed ice
multiple lime wedges

Divide rum between two rocks glasses filled with ice.  Squeeze at least two lime wedges into each glass.  (Since I’m feeling messy, I’m throwing the squeezed wedges into the glass.)  Top with Mexican Coca-Cola.  And, garnish each glass with a fresh lime wedge.


(That is… Cheers! to everyone except anyone responsible for the current state of wash machine technology.)

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