Kadota Fig & Bonfire Peach

Blooming Lavender and Blackberry Bushes

The blackberry bushes, lavender boxes, and blueberry bush are doing exceptionally well.  But, it’s a race to pick the ripe blueberries and blackberries before the squirrels, rabbits and raccoons can eat them.

Next year, I think I want to fill all the boxes with lavender.  It’s gorgeous and smells divine.

My new bonfire peach… I love the leaves.

My new kadota fig tree has over 2 dozen figs.

The Mr Stripey tomato plants are covered in buds.  (There are over a dozen per plant.)

There are 4 large clusters of heirloom cherry tomatoes that are almost ripe.  I love the green stripes.  Should we place bets on the humans vs wildlife game?  Will we get to eat them… or will it be squirrels? … or the raccoons?

My lemon cucumber sprouts are growing daily.  This was taken a week ago.

(And, they’ve already grown another 4-6 inches.)


Everything is thriving… except:

Peas (a bit stunted by the heat, I think)

Chamomile and Marigolds (The rabbits are eating them.)

Only 6 artichoke sprouts left (The rabbits are eating them.)


Artichoke sprouts that I will try to keep alive through the winter.

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