Fried Egg & Emmenthaler on toast

Emmenthaler complements the nutty richness of this championship loaf with whole grain.

Frying with Stainless Steel

Cooking with stainless steel offers a number of benefits.  It will not affect flavor or react with acidic foods during the cooking process.  It allows for a superior method to caramelize meats and vegetables.  Anyone who has compared the results of nonstick surfacing to stainless steel will agree.  Carmelization occurs rappidly.  The dark, even color improves the look and taste of every dish.  Stainless steel might not be the best heat conductor.   But, given the ease of maintainence and longevity, it’s a great alternative to copper.  If cared for properly, stainless steel pots and pans can have a nearly infinite life span.  Some claims state that a high quality stainless steel pan could last for 100 years. 

Copper, another great heat conductor, requires significantly more maintainence and will react with some foods.  It is also the priciest option.  Thin copper is known to lose its heat rapidly.  Depending on the circumstances, this could be a positive or negative feature.  Aluminum is a lightweight and inexpensive alternative.  It conducts heat almost as efficiently as copper.  But, health-related concerns in relation to its use will keep it out of my kitchen for now.

Tips for frying:

  • Avoid high heat… moderate to moderate-high heat provides the best result.
  • Olive oil is needed when frying delicate foods… like eggs and fish.  (Looking for a fat-free method of cooking eggs in stainless steel?  Poach or boil)
  • Vinegar is a cost-effective and chemical-free method to clean and remove any discolaration.  (Buff away discoloration with a combination of water and vinegar with a soft towel.)
  • Never use steel wool on stainless steel.  Steel wool and other rough surface cleaning pads may scratch polished stainless steel.

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