Garden 2013 — Peaches

Homegrown Peaches

If you’re in Georgia and you have room for only one fruit tree,  you must make it a peach tree.  Above, you see 9 of the roughly 15 peaches we were able to save this year.  Our two trees originally held about 30 peaches each.  But, heavy winds knocked off many of them.  And, squirrels are evil.  It takes them less than 30 seconds to run over, pick a peach and run off with one pretty peach clamped in their nasty little mouthes.  And, last but not least, we have a new set of peach lovers.  The latest in the line of back yard peach thieves are a pair of woodpeckers.  We know they’re tasty, we don’t begrudge the wildlife a few peaches.   But, leave us a few!

Through it all, we would do it again in a New York minute.  One bite of sun-warmed peach erases all of the frustration.  There is nothing better than that sweet rush of juice in your mouth from a tree-ripened peach grown in your very own back yard.  It’s a priceless treasure that lingers endlessly in your memory.

Peaches On The Tree
(about 3 weeks ago)

Again, Just Over A Week Ago

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