Old World Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate & Almond Croissant

It’s what’s for breakfast!

Rich, delicious, and crazily decadent. And, even better, it’s quick and easy. This intensely chocolate rich drink should be reserved for special occasions and busy weekend days. You made it through a hard week? Treat yourself. This […]

Gingerbread Granola

Who has time to mess around in the kitchen first thing in the morning? I don’t. That’s for sure. So, the best weekday breakfast is a quick and easy breakfast. This fits the bill. And, it’s so satisfying and delicious it feels like a treat. The only way to make […]

Stuffing Spice Blend 2015

Best Swag Ever!

We’re putting it to good use and loving it.

The parties are over. But, we left as winners this year.

It’s time to say goodbye to all those holiday […]

Coffee Cream Liqueur

During the holidays, my honey can drink egg nog like no one else can. By far, it’s one of his favorite guilty pleasures. Adult beverage version or otherwise, he loves it. Southern Comfort brand easily tops both of our list of favorites. But, he loves it all. Egg nog, milk […]

Maple Leaf Sundae

When you’re tucked in for a chilly night, curl up by the fire and balance the heat with a soft ice cream sundae. Let the ice cream its on the counter for 5-10 minutes before scooping. This way the ice cream will be perfectly soft and melty as you take […]

Blueberry & Gin

The Cosmopolitan — Las Vegas

This place was over the top. It’s crystals, crystals everywhere that you look. But, the purple glow reminds me of the elegant (yet flashy) flavors in this cocktail.

For this cocktail, we use pure 100% blueberry juice. It’s barely sweet. If […]

Café Au Lait, Flowers & Butterfly Art Plates

Eva Gordon Purple Flower & Butterfly Art Plate

When you were little did you dream of daily tea parties? Every day you’d set the table with linen and lace and your favorite china. Right? Well, if you had those day dreams, you probably had china […]

Velveteen Rabbit Christmas Dreams

Happy Holidays!!

A Velveteen Rabbit Christmas

Apple brandy, Amaretto, toasted pecans, and vanilla…

That’s got holiday dessert cocktail written all over it.

Velveteen Rabbit Dreams circa Dec 2012

1.5oz Laird’s Apple Brandy .25oz Faretti Biscotti .25oz Lazzaroni […]

Brown Butter Rum Plum Cobbler

Plum compote or a chunky plum jam (like this) could easily be used in the place of fresh plums. But, it will be very sweet. A small spoonful served warm with vanilla ice cream would be best.

Brown Butter Rum Plum Cobbler makes 1 large dish

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Sugar Plum Jam

Sugar Plums

Sometimes called Italian plums, or Damson, or Empress (though I believe there are differences between Damsons and Empress plums), they’re also called prune plums.

Sugar Plums, Sliced

Add sugar and freshly ground cinnamon.