Tulip Daydream

Daydream (Darwin Hybrid)

I couldn’t resist these tulips. That gorgeous shade of orange reminds me of a beautiful, dusky summer sunset. Until cut, each flower was a tight, tiny bud. Within minutes of that first cut, each tulip literally blossomed to over triple of each […]

Garden 2016 Update & Bourbon Sidecar

Now, I remember.

It’s easy to forget over a long winter. But, it’s all coming back to me now. If there’s one headache of a garden, it’s the watering system. Something is always breaking. Either we need to buy a new timer here… or a new timer there. […]

Four Raspberries

Three in the picture, one in my mouth…

I grew these!

So, it took three long years of patience. But, now the raspberry sprouts are really filling in nicely. We’ll be fighting the squirrels and birds for one heaping pint of raspberries. These were a little […]

Cherry Blossoms

I’m in love with these cherry blossoms.

Cherry Blossom makes 2

3 ounces brandy 3 ounces tart cherry juice tiny splash simple syrup, if desired cherries, to garnish

In a cocktail mixing glass, combine ice, brandy and cherry juice. Taste. Add very tiny splash […]

The First Day of Spring Is Right Around The Corner

Apricot Blossoms

They’re always the first to bloom in our back yard… maybe we need a cherry tree, too.

It’s a fleeting beauty.

Today, half of those petals carpet the floor and new blossoms take their place.

Café Au Lait, Flowers & Butterfly Art Plates

Eva Gordon Purple Flower & Butterfly Art Plate

When you were little did you dream of daily tea parties? Every day you’d set the table with linen and lace and your favorite china. Right? Well, if you had those day dreams, you probably had china […]

Chihuly & Crepes

Chihuly Glass Installation

It goes on…

..and on

Are they abstract art, flowers, or some form of exotic sea life? You decide.

Again, we were mesmerized by Chihuly’s art.

Garden 2014 — A Look Back

The raspberry sprouts have graduated to full grown vines. Hopefully, they’ll survive the winter. Currently all of the raspberry and black berry bushes are still alive. Optimistically, the Dwarf Elberta peach looks about half alive. The Bonfire peach is on its last legs. And, the Kadota fig tree is a […]