Tulip Daydream

Daydream (Darwin Hybrid)

I couldn’t resist these tulips. That gorgeous shade of orange reminds me of a beautiful, dusky summer sunset. Until cut, each flower was a tight, tiny bud. Within minutes of that first cut, each tulip literally blossomed to over triple of each […]

Garden 2016 Update & Bourbon Sidecar

Now, I remember.

It’s easy to forget over a long winter. But, it’s all coming back to me now. If there’s one headache of a garden, it’s the watering system. Something is always breaking. Either we need to buy a new timer here… or a new timer there. […]

Kamado Joe — Big Joe

The Kamado Joe Big Joe

The Big Joe

It doesn’t really take up the whole deck.

…it just looks that way

(We tidied up our deck for its new occupant.)

It […]

My New Washer, My New Hate Affair

GE 4.2 CuFt Top Load Washer (Hybrid Washer with Old Style Agitator)

Am I the only one who hates the “new” generation of washers? By new, I mean the washers that have popped up over the last 10 years that have a super short and stubby agitator…

Four Raspberries

Three in the picture, one in my mouth…

I grew these!

So, it took three long years of patience. But, now the raspberry sprouts are really filling in nicely. We’ll be fighting the squirrels and birds for one heaping pint of raspberries. These were a little […]

Dried Orange Peel


Drying (On The 8th Day)

An Orange A Day

We love to buy Cuties and Halos by the box. We’d rather eat one of these cute little oranges than drink a glass of juice […]

Garden 2014 — Early Girl & Lemon Boy

The First Two Early Girl Tomatoes

Not too big, not too small… They’re just right.

Picked on Saturday, Jun 14, 2014

With the stem on, these ripen beautifully on the counter. Just be sure that they’re close to […]

Garden 2014 — First Tomatoes

The First Tomatoes

Two Sun gold and one Tami G, these were green yesterday. Yesterday’s tomato pictures were taken in the late afternoon. After taking those shots, I thought it would be at least another week before we had a ripe tomato. And, today, we have three. They’re […]

Garden 2014 — Update

The roses are gone for another year. But, they were more beautiful and more prolific than ever before. The deep red blooms were stunning.

That gorgeous shade of deep dark red fades with each new each day.

Each color has […]

My Pretty New Wok

The Starting Point For This Hand-Hammered Wok

Given its size, this wok probably won’t be seeing daily use. That will make it slightly trickier to season. I’ve noticed that if a wok (or, any blue steel pan, really) sits for too long unused. It requires additional seasoning. So, […]