Sour Cherry & Brie Sandwich

Sour Cherry & Brie On Oat Nut Bread

Not too long ago, I thought every meal had to be perfection. I’d carefully plan every ingredient to match my bakery and farmers market purchases. I’d only make this sandwich with the perfect bakery loaf of dark whole grain bread. […]

Our House & Peach Blossoms

Peach Blossoms In Our Back Yard

We’ve enjoyed our house for over 12 years now.

Never Give Up!

This beautifully wild tree sure didn’t.

It’s still fighting!

It’s amazing that this […]

Irish Cream Liqueur

Today, I have a cold and a sore throat. I have big plans to spend most of the day curled up with a book under the covers. But, this weekend I’ll be ready to get out and enjoy the day.

Rain or shine.

Though, I’m hoping […]

Chocolate Snack Cake With Dark Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate Snack Cake With Dark Chocolate Ganache

Double chocolate-y glossy goodness…

This chocolate snack cake is tender, but quite dense. It’s a bit of a cross between a dense cake and a cake-y brownie. With a rich cake like this, a small square or wedge works […]

Blueberry Bread

We love blueberries.

Fresh blueberries, jam, dried, preserves, fruit leathers… You name it. If it works for fruit, blueberry whatever it might be tops our list.

Beautifully plump, we both loved the blueberries from Sprouts. They’re finding their way into everything from morning yogurt to pancakes […]

My Favorite On The Run Sandwich

With a view like this, we never wanted to leave. So, it was time for us to get creative with our nibbles. A quick and easy sandwich was our go-to snack. This one is great to throw in your bag. Forget about it for […]

Maple Leaf Sundae

When you’re tucked in for a chilly night, curl up by the fire and balance the heat with a soft ice cream sundae. Let the ice cream its on the counter for 5-10 minutes before scooping. This way the ice cream will be perfectly soft and melty as you take […]

This is my very first zucchini bread!!!

Seriously, This Is My Very First Zucchini Bread!

This was a quick bread first for me. And, that’s something I don’t get to say every day. It sure won’t be the last. This was quick, easy, and delicious. The taste? Sweet cinnamon cake meets baked cake doughnut. We […]

My Best Blueberry Crumble of 2015

Blueberries are one of my all-time favorite foods on the planet. They’re one of my weaknesses. If I see blueberries, I must buy them. So, how could I possibly resist a two pound box of perfectly ripe berries? But, blueberries are tricky. Just because they’re perfectly ripe, that doesn’t mean […]

Root Canal

It’s easy to fall in love with new flavors when you’re on vacation. Then you go home and dream of those flavors and try to recreate them. We love when we can bring those flavors home with us. It turns every day life into another day on holiday when those […]